Essence Advent Calendar day 7

Essence Advent Calendar Day 7

Today I’ll open box seven of the essence Advent Calendar.

Essence Candy Cane Lemonade door

The essence Advent Calendar contains 24 small, fun gifts. Every day you can open a box while you count down to Christmas in a fun way. Each calendar has the same content but it may have a different order. Every day I will write a mini review about the gift of that day.

Below is the list of all the products, I will update this on a daily basis.


Today’s present in the advent calendar is very nice. It’s an ombre topcoat. With this topcoat you can create awesome gradient effects. In the bottle Essence Candy Cane Lemonade looks like raspberry lemonade, a deliciously sweet color.

Essence Candy Cane Lemonade hand holding bottle

In the picture above you see one layer on the pinkie and the other nails all have one extra layer, the index finger has four layers. I have applied Candy Cane Lemonade over a white base color.


Essence Candy Cane Lemonade has a very thin jelly formula but it is still pleasant to apply. With this kind of polishes it is important that you apply the layers evenly to avoid color differences on the nails. This polish can discolor the natural nail, so apply a good base coat under your base color. A white nail polish is not a basecoat and will therefore not protect against the discoloration.


Because it is a jelly polish it dries very quickly on a striking high-gloss finish on the swatches I have not applied a topcoat.

Essence Candy Cane Lemonade closeup nails

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