Essence Advent Calendar day 17

Essence Advent Calendar Day 17
Today I’ll open box 17 of the essence Advent Calendar.

Essence My Wish List door

The essence Advent Calendar contains 24 small, fun gifts. Every day you can open a box while you count down to Christmas in a fun way. Each calendar has the same content but it may have a different order. Every day I will write a mini review about the gift of that day.

Below is the list of all the products, I will update this on a daily basis.


Essence My Wish List is a pastel pink shade with a slightly cool undertone. These pastel shades are perfectly suitable for spring season but this fall the pastels are still great.

Essence My Wish List bottle


Essence My Wish List has a horrible formula, it’s very chalky. It’s hard to apply it neatly and smooth. The opacity is very good for such a light shade, with just two thin coats it’s fully opaque.

Essence My Wish List hand holding bottle


Essence My Wish List dries to a completely matte finish and that fits this shade really good.

Essence My Wish List closeup nails

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